Career Highlights

Live Performances:

Stevie Wonder at The Hollywood Bowl

Duo with Bea Arthur at The Hollywood Bowl

Duo with Bjork at the Walden Pond Concert at the Wiltern Theatre

Nelson Riddle’s orchestra with Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass at The Hollywood Bowl

Snug Harbor jazz club in New Orleans with jazz quartet featuring guitarist Phil DeGruy

Ronnie Scott’s London with Billy Childs’ Jazz Chamber Ensemble

Duc Des Lombards  Paris Billy Childs’ Jazz Chamber Ensemble


Television Appearances:

The Tonight Show

American Idol



Parks and Recreation

Appeared on camera and played the harp on “Sinbad”

Appeared on camera and played the harp on “Living Single”

“Tonight Show” with Annie Lennox

The Dennis Miller Show


Film Credits:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Poetic Justice

Police Academy

The Devil Wears Prada




Tom Schnabel, KCRW DJ Pick,  chose “Moraga”

Interview on the award-winning show “Crossover” with Jill Pasternak on WRTI for “Jazz Play” release.

CD “Three And Four” put on the top 10 list by radio host Tom Schnabel of KCRW

Featured along with such female jazz artists as Billie Holliday and on KKJZ For Women in Jazz Month

Live performance with Sia on KCRW (see YouTube video)

Live performance with Bitter:Sweet on KCRW

Another live performance with Bitter:Sweet on KCRW


Celebrity Events

President Clinton

Michael Jackson

Oprah Winfrey

Queen Latifah

William Shatner



Moraga, Jazz Play, Three & Four, Chords in Blue



CD cover abstract blue photographic of Carol Robbins album Chords in Blue