Carol Robbins

Jazzcats JCTS-108


“On Carol Robbins’ Moraga — her fourth album as a leader — she follows in [Dorothy] Ashby’s footsteps by bringing a unique voice not only to the harp but also to the music as a whole. This one of a kind record joins the handful of jazz-harp classics, like Ashby’s In a Minor Groove and Deborah Henson-Conant’s ‘Round the Corner in transcending both instrument and genre. It is simply delightful and a stimulating disc that should easily stand the test of time.”

– Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz (full review)


“Robbins should be applauded for creating a meaningful program of music that showcases her work as a composer and performer, while also highlighting the ever-expanding role of the harp in jazz; Moraga is a real musical treat.”

– Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz (full review)


Well, fasten your seat belts: Carol Robbins is a harpist, composer and arranger, and Moraga, her newest album to date, is proof that this ethereal “horn‚” is, in her hands, fully capable of producing beautiful, swinging music… This album is gorgeous in every respect. That descriptor isn’t often used when referencing jazz, but it’s apt for this release and these artists.

– Ric Bang, Jazzscan (full review)



  • 1. Moraga 6:23
  • 2. The Sand Rover 5:44
  • 3. Three Rings 4:03
  • 4. Dolore 7:32
  • 5. Every Time We Say Goodbye 7:59
  • 6. Hope In The Face Of Despair 7:20
  • 7. Straight Away 6:25
  • 8. Caminhos Cruzados 5:11
  • 9. Rotadendrun 4:03



Carol Robbins – harp

Billy Childs – piano

Gary Mek – sax/clarinet

Larry Koonse – guitar

Darek Oles – bass

Gary Novak – drums


“Moraga,” “The Sand Rover,” “Three Rings,” “Dolore” and “Straight Away” written by Carol Robbins (Carol Robbins Music, ASCAP). “Every Time We Say Goodbye” written by Cole Porter (Chappell & Co., BMI/ASCAP?). “Hope In The Face Of Despair” written by Billy Childs (Lunacy Music, BMI). “Caminhos Cruzados” written by Antonio Carlos Jobim (Corcovado Music Corporation, BMI). ” Rotadendrun” music by Nino Rota, arranged by Carol Robbins (EMI Robbins Catalog, Inc. and Sugar Melodi, Inc. OBO C.A.M. S.R.L., ASCAP; and Carol Robbins Music, ASCAP).


Produced by Buddy Halligan. Recorded, mixed and mastered at SPS Studios in Los Angeles, California by Buddy Halligan

Recording assistants: Bill Rahko, Baihui Yang

CD package design and photography by James Frank Dean

Additional photography by Buddy Halligan



Album Tracks

  • Moraga

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  • The Sand Rover

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  • Three Rings

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  • Dolore

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  • Every Time We Say Goodbye

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  • Hope In The Face Of Despair

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  • Straight Away

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  • Caminhos Cruzados

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  • Rotadendrun

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