Jazz Play

Carol Robbins

Jazzcats JCTS-105


The harp makes one of its rare appearances in jazz in the hands of Carol Robbins on Jazz Play. She also wrote several of the tunes on this recording and included some standards. And where does that place the music? Right in the mainstream, with some softer shades of what is known as contemporary jazz. The introduction of the latter causes no damage; the soothing waft it brings in is pleasant enough, without detracting from the core. Jazz Play is just right for a relaxed evening.

– Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz (read full review)



  • 1. Buddy’s Bite 5:29
  • 2. O Grande Amor 3:50
  • 3. Still Light 5:50
  • 4. The Meaning Of The Blues 5:48
  • 5. Darcy’s Waltz 5:51
  • 6. Tangier 5:34
  • 7. Emilia 7:59
  • 8. Don’t Look Back 4:19
  • 9. The Cribbler 6:04
  • 10. Skating In Central Park 5:24
  • 11. Sollevare 4:09
  • 12. I’m Old Fashioned 7:05
  • 13. Sambolero 4:19



Carol Robbins – harp

Larry Koonse – guitar

Bob Sheppard – tenor/soprano sax

Steve Huffsteter – trumpet/flugel horn

Darek Oles – bass

Tim Pleasant – drums


“Buddy’s Bite,” Still Light,” “Darcy’s Waltz,” “Tangier,” “Emilia,” The Cribbler,” and “Sollevare” written by Carol Robbins (Carol Robbins Music, ASCAP). “O Grande Amor” written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. “The Meaning of the Blues” written by Bobby Troup. “Don’t Look Back” written by Johnny Mandel. “Skating in Central Park” written by John lewis. “I’m Old Fashioned” written by Jerome Kern. “Sambolero” written by Luis Bonfa.


Produced by Buddy Halligan.

Recorded at Castle Oaks Recording Studios in Calabasas, CA, by Buddy Halligan.

Assistant engineers: Ryan Moore and Jeff Wakolbinger.

Mixed and mastered at Bell Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA, by Buddy Halligan.

Graphic design by Nick Piesiewicz.

Cover photography by Emanuel Spector and Nick Piesiewicz.

Album Tracks

  • Buddy’s Bite

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  • O Grande Amor

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  • Still Light

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  • The Meaning of the Blues

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  • Darcy’s Waltz

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  • Tangier

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  • Emilia

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  • Don’t Look Back

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  • The Cribbler

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  • Skating In Central Park

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  • Sollevare

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  • I’m Old Fashioned

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  • Sambolero

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